Not Just Another Year?

I have this feeling, this premonition, or perhaps it’s just a hope that 2016 is going to be a biggie.

Already two of my books, Turnabout is Fatal Play and Decease and Desist, are available in paperback from Amazon. Within the first couple of months of this new year the other two, One Deadly Game and Dying of Desire will be out.

All four are already available as eBooks from a wide variety of vendors including Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

And then, of course, my brand new and fifth book in the McCall-Malone Mystery series, Grave Reckoning, should be available in paperback and eBook formats by the middle of this year.

At which point I’ll start on Death March, that will actually be a prequel to the other books and should publish in 2017.

Meaning that you’ll have to wait for Mortal Vows in 2018 to find out what happens after Grave Reckoning. Perhaps this seventh book should be called Delayed Gratification…heh, heh, heh…but, no, I think I’ll stick with Mortal Vows.

Anyway, getting back to a focus on 2016, my feeling, premonition, and/or hope stems from the fact that sales have increased significantly since the paperbacks began appearing. Likewise requests for interviews and blog posts.

Most important, the positive feedback from readers has increased. I can’t even tell you how incredibly good it feels to hear from even a single reader that they’ve read and enjoyed one of my books. To be getting feedback like that almost every day is beyond wonderful.

So: by the end of this year, my seventy-second year, I should have five books out in paper and electronic formats with a sixth well underway.

I mention my age because that’s a biggie, too. I’ve intended since I was a pre-teen to be a published author. I had a lot of jobs that involved writing, including newspaper jobs that at least made me a published writer if not author.

But it wasn’t until 1988 that I wrote my first Clint McCall mystery, with first-person narration. Then I re-wrote it from scratch in third-person. And re-wrote it from scratch again in first-person.

Having finally settled that, I went on to write three more Clint McCall novels (very slowly, in fits and starts, with a full-time career otherwise) but didn’t even attempt get any of them published.

In that fourth book Clint McCall book, Devon Malone appeared for the first time. Just another character, I would have said, but she wouldn’t go away and that finally led to my writing and publishing (in my retirement, meaning no more distractions) Turnabout is Fatal Play, the first McCall-Malone book.

The prequel that I referred to earlier will be a re-write of the draft novel in which Malone first appeared, when she was still a detective with the Portland Police Bureau. That will be fun, for me and hopefully for you.

I’ll be in my seventy-third year, fate willing and the creek don’t rise, when Death March is published.

You’re never too old, folks.

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