Glenn Harris

Writer of Detective Novels and Stories

Turnabout Is Fatal Play

Presenting Turnabout Is Fatal Play, the debut novel-length McCall / Malone Mystery!

In this combination old-fashioned detective novel and modern romantic thriller, Portland (Oregon) private detectives Clint McCall and Devon Malone each have a client who wants to catch a cheating spouse—and the clients are married to each other!

That should be complication enough, but pretty soon there are dead bodies, a local crime boss, out-of-town gangsters, and nasty young punks all thrown into the mix. The punks are out to get McCall, the gangsters are threatening his daughter, and the crime boss is after everybody.

On top of all that, and much worse, the dead bodies mean that there may be a new serial killer in town.

McCall and Malone have to work together, bickering all the way, to help their clients, protect themselves and stop whoever is killing young women in downtown Portland.

“In Turnabout is Fatal Play, Mr. Harris has created a story that will pull you in and keep you wanting more. His descriptive sense dabbles in whimsy, yet never detracts from the darkened edge of the dangers that are lurking. His feel for making the characters jump off the page is something that many writers strive for.” — Harrington Martin, author of The Consortium Chain series

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